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“A little bit of faith can go a long way. If a mustard seed of faith can move mountains, imagine what a spoonful can do.” – Jena

I am a wife, artist, illustrator and mother of 2.  You’ll often find me singing and dancing with my kiddos or watching a super cheesy movie. I love looking on the bright side of life and I dream big, too. I am also a believer and an encourager.

I’ve always loved being creative and have drawn, doodled and created from a young age, but my path to illustration isn’t traditional in any sense. I actually went to college for Marketing and have a background in digital and social media marketing – it’s totally my jam! But God showed up in my life a few years ago and in a beautiful way, merged my love of people and marketing with my passion for art and creativity and Spoonful of Faith was born. I took the big jump to leave my corporate job as a Social Media Analyst at a Fortune 500 company, to chase after my passions and dreams and I love to educate + empower those who are on a similar journey!

I love taking on small illustration projects for individuals, and larger scale ones for major brands; yet neither lacks in the amount of effort and detail I put forward. I love drawing people, prints, patterns, and floral designs. And I love that I can be so intimately involved with your project and help bring it to life.

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