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Minnesota Children's Museum has recently undergone a huge renovation and has recently reopened. With the renovation, they have 10 new exhibits which help enforce the power of play!Β Each exhibit will help children develop the life skills they need to succeed throughout life β€” how to think creatively, make plans, analyze problems, tackle challenges, speak and listen, work as part of a team and more. On Friday we had the pleasure of attending the Sneak Peak days at Minnesota Children's Museum. It was such a fun experience and the kids really enjoyed themselves. I have to say, we fell in love from the moment we arrived and saw the Creativity Jam Exhibit. It was filled with building toys, walls to put stickers on, a piano which Layla loved! Β All ways to create which is totally up my alley as an illustrator and creative entrepreneur.

Happy Tuesday, friends! One of my favorite things to do is to capture our family in photos. If I am not doing this one a daily basis (which I totally am ;0) I am trying to schedule a session with our family friend, Laura Ann Photography, to get her to capture the time before it slips away! I love to do this seasonally, or at least twice a year and for me it helps serve multiple purposes - I can use them for our home, photos for grandparents, cards that we send out at the end of the year, and also content for blog posts and social media. And of course its a great way to stay connected, and remember each season as it passes us by. So today, I am happily sharing some of my favorites from our latest session with Laura. Enjoy! :)