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It's been awhile since I blogged. Being completely transparent, I always feel guilty when I don't keep up with all the things. There is definitely a glorification of busy that needs major checking in my heart. And I believe that it was exactly that "busyness" that got me to my last hiatus. I'm allowed to get honest and ugly cry in this space, because it's territory that God gave me. To share my heart, my life, and all the good with the not so good. I hope I never portray that everything is a piece of cake. Life is definitely a journey - and once you think you have it figured out, it will throw you a curve ball. It will show you more of what you don't understand. But, in the midst of it - there is a truth that I can hold onto. That even when I don't understand all that is happening, or the things unraveling within my heart that I never even knew were there... Jesus is my anchor and lighthouse, He is the boat which I can find comfort in. And He brings me back to the shore, time and time again. I will never lose thankfulness of Him and who He is to me.

Today, I am excited to share the next interview for our Mother Creative series. This woman, Jess Connolly, has been such a light to watch from afar as she has grown creatively and spiritually. It has been refreshing to hear what God is sharing through her life and a faith builder on what can come from living a life dedicated to Him. Jess Connolly has always done a great job of being transparent through the process in sharing that its hard at times, but so worth it as we live a life dedicated to sharing the Gospel. I hope you enjoy this short and sweet interview in this series.

Jess Connolly Instagram

Mother Creative Interview: Jess Connolly

I am so excited to add another interview to this series of interviews of creative and inspirational women for the Mother Creative community. Today’s interview features Melinda Watts; a wife, mother of two girls, Gospel recording artist, author, speaker and mentor! Woo, this mama is totally on fire for life and God and I can't wait to share her interview with you! Mamas, if you don’t know of Melinda – make sure you get to following immediately! Melinda Watts is someone I have followed for some time. I was inspired by her love to mentor and speak into young girls lives through her mentoring program, Glam Camp For Girls! Let's jump into the interview  :) Melinda Watts Mother Creative Interview

Mother Creative Interview: Melinda Watts