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Being a mother and a creative is tough stuff. I am an artist and illustrator. I run an online shop, do commissioned projects, personal projects as well as manage a household. As an entrepreneur we already have to wear so many hats. As a mother we have the same struggles. When you put them together, being a creative mompreneur is a lot of work! So how does one balance it all? I honestly think that we never truly get to where we want to - but we figure a way to manage it somehow. Deepa Bachu, Mompreneur and CEO of Pensaar said it best, "Not only have I not figured out the balance, I am no where in the vicinity of the right balance :) I am okay with that though, I now have over 20 years of experience trying to find that balance everyday." - With that said, there are tips and pointers I can give every mom who is pursuing her passions and trying to juggle. I've come a long way in figuring out balance, and while I am still working through it I do have some valuable info I can share! If you are a video person - check out below and watch at the end of this post!

Hey, friends! I hope this blog post can be something to encourage you as I share some of the best lessons I have learned in the past year. Let me start out by saying 2016 was probably one of the greatest years for me in terms of learning to fully surrender to what God's plan is for me in faith and business. It taught me much about stepping out and staying the course even when things and people said otherwise. 3 Lessons in Faith & Business 2016 was also a catapult for my art and creative career. While, I had been doing illustration for a couple years - 2016 I decided to be a stay at home mom + run my art business with all of me, full time! Scary! But, it has proved one of the most difficult + rewarding things I'll probably ever do. 2016 also brought me my second child, my son AJ - who was a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the changes and transitions. But through it all - I have learned so much. Much that I would love to pass your way in bits and pieces - so here's a small piece that I pray blesses you.