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As we begin in 2018, its a great time to reflect on the New Year. I usually love this time of year, but coming out of 2017 felt heavy. There was a lot if unbelief around my heart this year. I was challenged in many ways with my purpose and my motivations behind Spoonful of Faith. I was kicking and screaming most of the year, but God took me from victory to victory. 

Victory to Victory

When you give your desires to Jesus and ask Him to make it good - you will question what "good" really is. This year He taught me I have a whole lot of pride still stuck in me that He had to break off of me. I was focused in the wrong areas as it came to my work and it could hinder me if I didn't change.  He did things different than I had imagined and even hoped, visioned or goaled. It was a hard thing to swallow. It felt like I was losing most of the time. But now when I look back at my year, I see how He continued to give me victory after victory. I couldn't realize this when it was happening because of my unbelief. 

I am just getting back in to the swing of blogging again and it has been so freeing. I never knew writing was such an outlet for my heart. I want to do something new and incorporate encouragement posts and call them "A Spoonful of Faith". They may be short or long, but they will just be away to drop little nuggets to those who may need it. I will do it along the way of my journey, may even be in the midst of something or right as I make it through. I know I need it and so I want to hand it out like candy! :) So here we go: