Spoonful of Faith
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Portrait by Liliana Manns

Portrait by Liliana Manns


About jena Holliday:

Jena (pronounced “jee-nuh”) Holliday is a midwest-born graphic artist, freelance illustrator, wife and mother of two based in Minneapolis. Her mixed media illustrations are inspired by the diversity of people in the world, love of botanical elements, motherhood, and faith in everyday life.  

Although she’s created from a young age, her path to illustration isn’t traditional as she had a career in marketing before painting. God showed up and in a beautiful way, merged her love of story telling with her passion for art and Spoonful of Faith was born. In 2019 Holliday received the Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant which was a great opportunity to continue to showcase her work in the Minnesota community. She loves to help other’s tell their stories through her work as well as educate + empower those who are on a similar journey.

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Selected Press: Freelance Wisdom || Essence || Yahoo || Jamie Ivey || Go & Tell Gals || Mini Maven Mag


When we discovered Jena and her incredible illustrations, we immediately felt like she was the artist we’d been waiting for. It’s rare to work with an artist you trust 100% to connect with your clients’ visions and deliver outstanding customer service. Our publishing company feels beyond lucky to have found her and our authors can’t stop raving about her work.
— Dara Beevas, Cofounder, Wise ink publishing


Branding + Logo Design || Illustration || Hand Lettering || Book Cover/Storybook Design || Gifs/Animation || Surface Pattern/Packaging Design

I really can’t say enough good things about working with Jena Holliday to design my book cover. As an author, I will freely admit I’m super over protective of my books and am always nervous to hand over creative control to anyone when it comes to book cover design because of what an important element it is. But Jena totally eased those fears because she is the most talented, professional, inspiring, and fun designer I’ve ever worked with! My book cover is next-level gorgeous and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. It truly is a work of art, like everything Jena creates!
— Josie robinson, author, the gratitude journal