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2019. Off to a great start.


I haven’t blogged in some time, but its a desire to get back to it in 2019. There’s been so many exciting things happening as this year begins and I’d love to be better at documenting and sharing the behind the scenes of it all!

  1. I got the MN State Arts Board grant! If you didn’t know or haven’t followed along on social - I have applied before and didn’t get it, and this year am honored to be a recipient. This grant will help fund a personal project of mine (A Little Light) that highlights minority youth and shines a light on the good work they are doing for their community! I will illustrate each of the participants, create a book that shares their stories and host a community event open to the public. I am very excited to get working on this and so thankful to God for receiving such an awesome opportunity. If you are local to Minnesota and know of local youth that are using their life and gifts to bring light into their community, please email me to nominate or share your own story at hello@spoonfuloffaith.com

  2. If you can’t tell, I have a new website! :) I have been putting in all the hours to refresh Spoonful of Faith, update the portfolio, and bring more content through my website. I have also been figuring out the logistics of holding a shop on my site and will share more about why in the next point…

  3. I am working on a line of products and opening shop on my website. I have long had an Etsy, but it is time for me to move platforms and focus on bringing in some lifestyle goods under Spoonful of Faith. It’s been a dream for a long time, and I have mostly been standing in the way of myself, but no more! I am hoping to have a shop launch date soon - and I am shooting for February.

Overall, it’s been fun/exciting working on all of these new things. Mostly though, its been great to dream with God. I am telling you its exhilarating - because He enlarges your vision. Try it. Talk to Him, worship Him and invite Him into your thoughts, plans, ideas. Literally ask, what should I do? Trust the promptings, ideas you can’t shake, things you’ve never thought of as ways He’s trying to show you HIS PLANS for you. :)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how 2019 is going so far for you? What are your big picture goals for the year? What ways do you invite God into them?

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