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Our Top 12 Favorite Toys

Hey friends!

Today we wanted to get a group of our favorite mommy blogger friends together and all share and talk about some of our favorite baby and kid toys. Layla (5) and AJ (3) have some that they absolutely love and I will tell you all about them!

I’m joined today by some of my favorite bloggers, in which I'll reference some of their favorites too. But once you're done, make sure to hop on over to their blog posts linked here too because they have a whole new slew of a long list that their littles loved on just for you

Barbie DreamHouse

The absolute best investment ever for kids that love playing with dolls and role playing. Layla’s grandma got this for her as she was asking for it for a few months. It’s pretty large and would work well in a playroom (about 4ft tall) but she plays with it everyday and never gets tired of it. I love the small additions of the pool – where we put water in it and have pool parties J and the cute little elevator. It makes for hours of fun everyday at our house.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Make-a-Cake Mixer Set 

Layla has always loved playing with kitchen and cooking toys. This Since my sister is a baker, they’d spend time in the kitchen and this toy would tag along. I love how the mixer twirls and it makes for a lot of imaginative play. It’s still a toy she plays with years later because its Melissa & Doug and they have great quality, long lasting toys.



Make A Face

According to Erin from Francois Et Moi, ‘Make A Face’ toy from Moon Picnic is one of her faves for her girl, Sylvie. She states, "It’s a puzzle that also teaches little ones about the full range of human emotion. Great product design and made of wood!"

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Mega Bloks Building Basics Take Along Builder Set

AJ was never a huge block fan until recently. We got this, I believe as a gift for his birthday and it has been great. It doesn’t come with many blocks but it is awesome for kids that are just starting to get interested in building with blocks. It also makes for fast and easy clean up and can be brought with us because of the fun take along rolling case. AJ uses it for carrying a lot of things now, too!


Feminist Board Book Set

My friend Ana, from Primp and Prime has this set for her girls. “I want my girls to always know that they have the power to do anything they want to do and this set depicts some of the most important women in our history. The pages are beautifully illustrated and are so colorful. Some of the women depicted in the mini books are Harriet Tubman, Hillary Clinton, Indria Gandhi, Sally Ride, and more. “

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Pacific Play Tents Kids Food Truck Playhouse

I was probably more excited about this at first than the kids! We got this for Layla’s birthday and it is such a fun way for her and AJ to play together. It comes with easy directions and we like to pop it up for a couple days and then store it back in the box until next time. They use it in conjunction with other food toy sets we have bought in the past. My favorite parts are the cut roll up windows and fun design. It is exactly the same on both sides of the truck which means both of them can “sell” at the same time!


No Spill Bubbles - Fubbles

Jen from Paisley and Sparrow loves this for her kiddos! “It’s a great way for kids to start to learn how to blow bubbles on their own without you having to worry about them dumping over the carton constantly.”

We agree and have these around for the summer as well - it’s great for AJ who often makes big messes with bubbles!

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Sesame Street Elmo's On The Go Letters

One of the best purchases we have made. I was suggested this by a friend and it has not disappointed. This also comes in a number version. Great for letter recognition. We like to use this as we watch other learning videos. It really helps as they can hold the letters and feel them as they learn. There is also a space to start forming words for reading! This is now my go to gift for birthdays and always a hit with the parents!


 Strider Bike

The Strider bike has been Taylor's from Greens-n-Chocolate favorite toy for their kids.  She  said, "We started each of them on it around 18 months, and my oldest was riding a two-wheeler bike without training wheels by his third birthday.  We love the Strider bike because it teaches them balance, the concept of biking, and burns off some of that toddler energy!"

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VTech KidiJamz Studio

My brother and sis in law got this for the kids for Christmas a few years ago. It makes for a really fun time of music and play. There is a recording dock that will record your own tunes! We still have it and its still being used to this day. It can get a bit noisy – but what is really cool is that you can use headphones with it. There’s so many ways to mix and play music, your kids will have a blast!

 Wood Toy Workbench 

Morgan at Construction 2 Style has this fun toy for her boys! “These wood toy workbench's are not only adorable but they're also able to actually hammer away being they are made out of real wood. Being made out of wood instead of plastic has helped the longevity of it too.”

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Step2 Charming Cottage Kids Playhouse

This playhouse has really helped our outside playtime! Not only is it cute and fits in with the colors of our home – but it has multiple things for the kids to do as they play. Layla loves to be inside and cook for AJ who can sit on the outdoor bench! It also has a realistic sounding doorbell and planter boxes to plant and grow real flowers. This will be a favorite for years to come.


I hope you enjoyed learning about some of our favorite toys! Tell me if there are any you have or want to grab for your kiddos! And don’t forget to hop on over to our friends to check out their blogs on their top favorite baby toys...

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