Spoonful of Faith

Marketing Portfolio

portfolio: creative marketing


My experience allows me to offer a mix of experience and knowledge in many areas of marketing including: digital content strategy, retail merchandising, and social media marketing & analytics.


passion church

social media management, digital strategy

brightpeak financial

digital marketing campaign, digital strategy, social media management


grow with paypal campaign

social media campaign, influencer marketing

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the imagination agency / martellus bennett

social media advertising, illustration/design, digital strategy

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brand awareness campaign, digital strategy


#100daysofmotherhood campaign

digital marketing campaign, strategy, amplification

clever girl finance

brand identity, social icon creation

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#doogood hunger campaign

social media campaign, influencer marketing


logitech crayon campaign

social media campaign, influencer marketing

When we discovered Jena and her incredible illustrations, we immediately felt like she was the artist we’d been waiting for. It’s rare to work with an artist you trust 100% to connect with your clients’ visions and deliver outstanding customer service. Our publishing company feels beyond lucky to have found her and our authors can’t stop raving about her work.
— Dara Beevas, Cofounder, Wise ink publishing